The BMC is now recruiting for 2017–18

Please apply for the 2017–18 Boise Math Circle program! The BMC is open to middle and high school students with some experience in algebra. If you like solving problems and want to learn more about the creative side of math, please consider applying. If you have a friend that does, invite them to apply too!

We are excited to announce one small change to our program. If you are familiar with our sessions, we generally spend all 90 minutes on an in-depth exploration. This Fall, we will begin each session with a quick introduction to a major concept in math, and then proceed with a closely related exploration afterwards. This means participants will learn or review key concepts such as modular arithmetic, matrices, enumerations, logic, and more!

We will begin on Saturday morning, September 2, and meet 15 times during the school year. See our schedule of meeting dates.


Please help us recruit participants by letting your students know about the program. If you’d like attendance reports for your students (e.g., for extra credit), please send us an email. You’re of course welcome to join the sessions.