Faculty biographies

The Boise Math Circle is primarily organized by two Boise State faculty:

Program Directors

Joe ChampionJoe Champion is a member of the math education faculty at BSU. He is a math circle veteran, having cofounded the Islander Math Circles while working at his previous institution (Texas A&M – Corpus Christi).


Samuel CoskeySamuel Coskey is a member of the pure math faculty at BSU. He has lots of experience participating in and facilitating mathematics discussions, and learned about math circles from like-minded friends. He’s been looking forward to the opportunity to provide one to the treasure valley ever since.

Additional faculty and mentors


gary thomasGary Thomas is a math professor at CWI. Gary is a long-time lover not only of math and science, but also languages, linguistics, and cultures.


ianIan Cavey is a double major in math and applied math at Boise State. He is also a member of the math club.


rustRust Yazdanpour is an MAA member and graduate of the BSU math program.

Explore and engage with mathematics