BMC ends its first year on a pi note

The Boise Math Circle finished its last meeting of the 2014–2015 year last Saturday. The final session had little to do with the number pi (we made stellated platonic solids using Sonobe origami). But we did celebrate with pi cupcakes provided by a participant!

It has been a real pleasure hosting our meetings each week. We enjoyed learning together with all of the fabulous student participants! There were more than 20 of you, to which we add more than 15 adult mentors and participants.

Our discussion topics ranged from geometry to counting to games to infinity and beyond. We look forward to going deeper into these topics, as well as covering a broader range in the near future.

Watch this space for information about next year’s activities. In the mean time, tell your friends and tell your teachers about your experience with us. Thank you for a wonderful year!